How do I log in to Fullscreen on my Apple TV?

You can log in via any of the following methods:

  • Facebook
    • Your Facebook email must be the same as your Fullscreen membership email, otherwise you will be prompted to create a new Fullscreen account.
  • Your Apple mobile device
    • Make sure you have previously downloaded the latest Fullscreen app (version 1.1.4+) to your Apple mobile device, and that you are logged in to your Fullscreen account on that device.  You will also need to make sure that your mobile device and Apple TV are connected to the same wifi network and are in close proximity to each other.  Lastly, your mobile device needs to be running on iOS 8.0+.
  • A web browser
    • Once you have checked that you are logged in to Fullscreen on your computer, go to and enter the code that will appear on your Apple TV.  After the system syncs, the Fullscreen homepage will appear on your Apple TV screen.
  • Log in directly from your Apple TV
    • Simply enter your Fullscreen login information on your Apple TV login screen using your Apple TV remote.
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